“Hopelessly Devoted” available now

Hopelessly Devoted - Perpetual Drifter

Hopelessly Devoted - Perpetual Drifter

After 6 months of recording, mixing, editing, re-recording, collaborating, and scrutinizing, our first full length album “Hopelessly Devoted” is now complete.   If you’d like to get a copy, you can purchase through Pay-Pal or CD Baby   The cost is $12 + shipping.                                       .

1. Time Is A Train
2. Natural Elixir
3. The Night
4. Shadows on Parade
5. For My Friends
6. Street Promenade
7. Hopelessly Devoted
8. Tangled Rose
9. Inner View
10. In And Out Your Window
11. Canada
12. Adam & Eve

We’d like to thank our friends Ken, Amber, Karisha, Sarah, Lee, and Molly for being a part of these recordings and JT for the graphic designs.


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