Getting our Sparkle on

Hello folks,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on some fun events we are going to be a part of the last couple months of 2011.  We will once again be playing at the Taylorsville Tavern after the not-to-be-missed annual Taylorsville Light Parade showcasing the most excellent hillbilly light extravaganza around.  The Light Parade show takes place on the Saturday following Thankgiving (11/26/11).  On Friday Dec 2nd, we’ll be getting our Sparkle on with Chico’s The Railflowers in Quicny, CA at the wonderful Pangea Cafe & Pub.  The show coincides with Quicny’s 22nd annual Sparkle and Light Parade.  The following evening, Sat Dec 3rd, we will be back in Chico to perform at Jessi Amundson’s Art Show opening at Bustolinis Deli & Cafe with our friends Darren Ney, Dave Mulligan, Lexi, and JP Gutierrez.  Saturday Dec 17th, we will be playing The Sweaty Yeti Ball at the Origami Lounge in Chico with The Amblers.


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